3rd time posting this could someone from spotify please reply!

3rd time posting this could someone from spotify please reply!

My daughter opened a Spotify account using my debit card. Her login was through her Facebook. Her Facebook was hacked and was closed. She has tried to activate her Facebook and is not able. So because she can't activate her Facebook, she can't login to her Spotify to cancel it. She now has her own Spotify account with her own debit card. So I am being charged for a Spotify account no one is using. How can I cancel this old account and stop being charged 10.64 a month? I myself have a Spotify account that I am paying 10.84 a month for, being charged to the same debit card that I want to keep. Please help me, this is very frustrating trying to figure out how to close this old account!!!!

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Hey, @Elizabeth53

I'd suggest you reach out to Spotify Support - Social Media via Twitter or Facebook would be good for this issue! If you can send them a message on the Social Platforms they'll be able to trace the payment but If the account was in your daughter's name originally she will need to reach out for verification purposes! 🙂


Let connect you to support, please fill out the online contact form.

A great way to reach Spotify via Twitter and Spotify offer support here via Direct Message! @SpotifyCares, Don't worry Spotify also offer support via Facebook! Shoot them a message Spotify Cares Facebook page.

These are the best ways to contact Spotify but be aware there maybe a slight delay to responses depending on the number of incoming support requests usually no longer than 72 hours (3 Days) You may also get an automated reply saying to check the community - we suggest you reply to this to ensure your ticket has been queued.

Thank you, I will try this. 

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