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Adverts on Spotify Premium

Adverts on Spotify Premium







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iOS 10.11.6


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I'm a Premium subscriber and am being served adverts during podcasts. The adverts are NOT embeded within the podcast itself, they are current and localised to Australia. THe podcast I am listening to is from 3 years ago and is from England.


I have tried restarting, logging out/back in, re-installling etc to no avail. Fairly certain that ads are not part of the deal with Premium Accounts. Not happy about this, obviously. How can I listen ad free?




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Hey @philberesford.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community about this - we'll be happy to help you out 🙂


That's not cool! Is this happening with just the one episode/an entire podcast series/all podcasts? 


I know you've already tried a reinstall, but could you try a clean reinstall using the steps provided here

Let us know how it goes! We'll be right here.

Hey Peter
I've noticed this also happens on my iPhone, my work iMac and my home iMac
so I'm guessing it's an account issue and not a software one?


Hey Phil,


As a Premium user, you shouldn't receive ads between podcast episodes, but as this help article explains: "While Spotify doesn’t play ads to Premium subscribers, some podcasts might have third-party ads within their episodes."


Is this what you're seeing? Do you get the same ads in different devices? 


It's a good idea to make sure you're logged in on the right account. Can you use other Premium features such as offline mode, and do you get ads when playing music?


A screenshot of when you get an ad would be helpful. 


Let us know how it goes 🙂




Make a complaint to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

It is the only way anything will be done about it.

These are the company details to use Spotify Australia Pty Ltd ABN 70 154 200 941

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