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Automatically shuffling when i press a song.

Automatically shuffling when i press a song.

I have premium and most my music works but theres some songs that when i press it it wont playa nd will play a different song. I am a premium user and the songs i want to listen to wont play. As soon as i press the song it plays another song from my library. Pls help thank you.

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There are multiple solutions to this problem!

What may work for you is to go into queued songs on the bottom right or if you are in the iPhone version the top right corner while viewing the currently playing song, and clear/delete everything in the queue. You will return to playing all the songs in your playlist like normal.



Go to preferences(settings) and turn off the setting that says "Autoplay similar songs when your music ends."




Go into settings and put Spotify to offline and now try to play only from your playlist. 


I tried all of the solutions you suggested and none of them worked. 

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