Can't Upgrade from Premium to Family

Can't Upgrade from Premium to Family



South Africa


MacBook Pro & Android


Good morning,


I'm trying to upgrade my Premium account to Family but receive the following error:

"Unable to change plans. This could be because you're not eligible for this plan, you're already on it, or you don't have a stored payment method."


I have tried to do this across multiple devices, browsers (including incognito modes) and networks (with and without VPN) and always receive the same error. I also receive the same error when trying Duo.


A quick search shows that this was a known problem a couple of months ago but all the threads I've found mark it as resolved.


I do have a payment method captured, which I have been using for my premium subscription, and can't see any reason why my account would not be eligible.




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Just a quick follow up. I'm still receiving the same error.


I have the same issue and just piggy-back on your topic here instead of starting my own one. 
When searching the forum it seems like the solution might be cancelling premium and signing up for Duo after that?


Still receiving the same error.

As far as I can tell this is a known bug that has not been addressed.

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