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Can't Verify Student Account Eligibility to Get Student Discount on Premium

Can't Verify Student Account Eligibility to Get Student Discount on Premium

I just finished my trial period and was trying to verify my student status in time to get the discount. However, I have tried many times but it just does not work properly. Today, I got charged for the normal/regular Premium service. I did cancel it right when I noticed I was charged. How can I get the refund or at least change to the Student Discount Plan?

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Hey there @oldsongmelody !


Can you tell me at which step you are getting stuck at verifying your student status. It may take some time to get your status verified. You can read more about it here. And I am afraid you probably can't get a refund for this since you haven't been funded without your authorization. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi Mantisentil,


Thank you for your prompt response. I hit on the button "Get Started" and started to fill in all required information, then I clicked Verify. It was then directed to my account page roughly saying that "unfortunately, we can't verify.... right now." I have tried a couple of times in different days distant. I thought it would be done before I got charged for the next billing cycle. It's sad that it's not the case and now I realize I'm fully charged of that amount just a day after the trial period.



I recommend you to check this page. It contains some FAQ's for situations where something goes wrong. It also contains a link to the manual verification form in case it's still not working.


Regarding the refund, you can check this page.


Hope it helps 🙂


Hope it helps. Let us know if you have further questions.

Hi @Mantisentil


Thank you for your instruction, I have already succeeded with the student status verification. The resultant issue is, how can I now modify the payment that spotify has charged as a regular premium? It's already taken appx $10 off my account.

Hi @mentisentil


I have successfully contacted with the Spotify team and they promised to process my request basing on the refund policy. Hopefully it's going to be alright. Thank you so much for your detail and easy-to-follow instructions. I appreciate it.


You are welcome! I am glad they were able to address the issue. Take care and have a nice day 🙂

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