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Can´t pay premium, spotify won´t accept my CC

Can´t pay premium, spotify won´t accept my CC

I had to renew my credit card from my bank, after that, the suscription to spotify didn´t work since they couldn´t charge to my old credit card, but when i added the new credit card, the web page didn´t accept it, it made me go back to the free account, then i tried again, and it didn´t work..   it says that i should create another account all over from sracth..  and i don´t want that, does anyone knows what can i do to make spotify accept my new credit card so i can go back to premium without creating a new account???

2 Replies

Hey @maefernandez, welcome to the Community!


Does your payment card meet these requirements? If you're unsure, we suggest you reach out to your bank to be sure.


If they do, try signing up again using an incognito window.


Let us know how it goes.

i has the same problem with my account, and tried on an incognito window and didnt work. Also i called my bank and they said they are not the problem

What can i do 😞 ?

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