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[Canada] Final solution to get Google Home Mini

[Canada] Final solution to get Google Home Mini

Hey Guys! After trying for hundreds of times, I succeeded place an order by google. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Do these on your computer, Chrome, Safari.... not on mobile devices(it will drive you crazy...) 
  2. Prepare list:
    1. A Google account
    2. A Credit Card: Visa\Master card\AE.....
    3. A shipping address in Canada
  3. Click from the email you received which subject is "Your Google Home Mini is now available" 
  4. Jump to, use your google account to login
  5. If it is out of stock, keep refreshing the page. Trust me, you will succeed!
  6. Add it into your basket, input your information: shipping adress\ payment... ETC
  7. DONE and wait

Good Luck!


FireShot Capture 041 - Order History -
2 Replies

another solution if you guys want charcoal colour, that's credit to Fedack

link is here

I have tried to use that trick and successfully ordered mine

I just did that trick with the link you provided above (Charcoal) 

Let me know if you recieve yours? 


Hoping they wont Cancel the order but i mean why tell people their device is ready and set aside when they arent? 


I chatted with a Spotify staff member who couldnt give me a straight answer on if the device was even a promise that you would recieve one. 


i guess it just means as soon as you get that redemption email to hurry up and try to order before someone else takes it. 



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