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Cancelling Subscription


Cancelling Subscription

I too am trying to cancel my subscription and it keeps saying my password is incorrect. It isn't! It's the very same password I've just signed in with. It won't even send me a password reminder as it says I'm using my FB credentials, which is correct. Is this some sort of con to prevent people from unsubscribing?




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I need to temporarily suspend my subscription, as I am between jobs atm, and spotify keeps saying I entered in the wrong password?  I log in with my facebook account, if that makes a difference.

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I need to temporarily suspend my subscription, as I am between jobs atm, and spotify keeps saying I entered in the wrong password?  I log in with my facebook account, if that makes a difference.

logout of facebook. Login on spotify through the website using your fb details. Then go to unsubscribe and it will let you unsubscribe.


Also try using chrome or firefox...


for more detaisl check what the mod said in the following post (scroll a bit down):

We certainly don't want to give the impression it's a con... Couple of things you could try.

* Reset your password over on Facebook - Head into your Account settings there, and click "Edit" on the Password row, and change your password briefly.

* Pop back to Spotify, and try the cancellation process again.

* If it still says you are using the wrong password, you might want to try a different internet browser - Google Chrome, Safari, so on.

Please give this a go. If you still run into some strange message, just let me know - we'll see what we can do.
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@David wrote:
We certainly don't want to give the impression it's a con.

But you are! Every single day this problem remains unfixed (so far it's been over 2 months) you give the impression that you are purposefully trying to make it hard for people to cancel their subscription. All you do is tell people to try another browser or log out of Facebook without ever explaining what the problem is or why this is happening. If you explained the problem better perhaps not so many people would be falling into this trap.

Where I find the  Cancelling Subscription ? can't find it

Hi Sharkie, 


Just log into your subscription page and under 'Manage Your Subscription' select 'View Your Options'.


From there you can select 'Click here to continue to the cancellation page' and you will see the screen below:


Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 7.49.59 AM.png

when u click cancel .... all u get is password is wrong ????? have tried it a number of times .... seems like am not the only one .... so its not a con ??????? 

I want to cancel my account, but I can only log on by facebook (why?) and when I go to the subscription page, the only things I can read are (in french) :


Votre abonnement


État de l'abonnement

Votre compte ne peut désormais plus être utilisé à l'étranger, puisque le temps d'utilisation en mode voyage est de 14 jours maximum pour un compte Spotify Free. Pour continuer à utiliser Spotify depuis l'étranger, abonnez-vous à Spotify Premium qui vous donnera accès au mode voyage illimité.

Mode de paiement

Vous n'avez pas de mode de paiement lié à votre compte pour le moment.

Ajouter un mode de paiement

Voir les reçus

Cliquez ci-dessous pour voir vos reçus de paiement

Voir les reçus



which approximately means in english :

"Your account can no longer be used abroad, since the time of use in travel mode is 14 days maximum for a Free Spotify account. To continue to use Spotify from abroad, sign up for Spotify Premium which gives you access to unlimited travel mode.
Method of Payment

You do not have a payment related to your account at this time.

Add a payment method
See receipts

Click below to see your payment receipts

See receipts"



Hi EL,


According to our records you have a free account with us. Also, while your account is registered in the UK it says you've been abroad for more than 14 days. 


Users that aren't subscribing can only use Spotify abroad for up to 14 days--does your office use a proxy server from another country?


Ultimately, it sounds as though this account is a duplicate that you've accidentally set up on our system. Were you able to create a unique username when you joined Spotify? 


If so, please log out of your subscription page and log back in using that username (not your email address). You should be directed to your original account and then be able to cancel. 

spotify it is a f***ing TRAP!!!!!

Thank you,

but I don't even understand why spotify does a difference between log in with facebook and log in with spotify.

When I suscribed, I didn't know it would be different, I thought I could use my facebook adress and password to log in on spotify website as well. Now I realise I can only log in by facebook, or if not, I just do not manage to figure out how I can have another ID and password. So I can't go where you indicate me to go.

I was in England for my studies when I suscribed, now I am back in France and I can't use spotify anymore.. hey thank you spotify.. that's bull**bleep**.

EL --When did you join Spotify? Was it before our September, 2011 integration with Facebook--or were you able to create your own username and password?


Users that joined through Facebook will have the same login for Spotify and Facebook.  If you joined before September of last year, just fill out our contact form and we can help you locate our original account and username.


Also, if you were in England when you joined Spotify, all you need to do is change the country in your account to France to keep using the app. This can be done by simply updating your account with your French credit card details.


You can update this on your subscription page--don't worry, you won't be charged or forced to upgrade. 

please make it easy to cancel Spotify 


thank you






Spotify will not let me cancel my subscritption. When it asks for my password, and I enter the correct one, it says that its not correct. Then, when I click forgot password, the email never comes, and it brings something up about facebook. Please help me! I need to cancel my subscription ASAP like I was promised in my contract.

Not happy with Spotify's mobil service so I decided to cancel my 30 day free trial. Spotify won't ley me do it!  Keeps on saying I'm inputing incorrect password when I know it's correct. Now I've got to wait 30 days, let Spotify charge me 10 bucks then tell my credit card to dispute the charge and the subscription. FOUL

Eyarita -  I can confirm that your account has been removed per your request


Desutter- I can also confirm that your subscription has been successfully cancelled. Were you able to cancel after a couple of tries or did you change browsers?


Sallyn-31- Please give it another try following the steps David outlined earlier:


* Reset your password over on Facebook 

* If it still says you'e using the wrong password, try a different internet browser - Google Chrome, Safari, so on.

* You should also try logging out of the Facebook site completely before logging into your Spotify subscription page


If you're still having trouble, let me know and I'll drop you an email. 

While I was trying to cancel my Premium subscription for several times, Spotify is saying wrong password. I'm sure it is the right one I'm using. Last Monday a certain Douglas replied my email saying he would solve the problem for me and cancel my account. I gave him all the information he asked for to cancel my subscription. Today it's Friday. Nothing passed. Cancelling still sucks...

If the problem isn't solved within the next few hours, I'm gonna contact ecops and Police Judiciaire.

@ Meredith all you say about reset the password in facebook won't work. So please tell the board of Spotify to make a better working login/logout/ Setup/Cancelling membership shedule

Members will be more happy with it!

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