Cannot Start Free Trial

Cannot Start Free Trial

Just Today Spotify was launched in India, many of my friends were able to subscribe to premium trial. But I cannot. I used my International Debit Card. Even my friends tried it with their bank debit cards, it worked, but not in my case.






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Same issue here! Gotta wait for some moderator to help I guess.

Anyways, I purchased year plan already.

I am facing the same issue. I am not able to use my debit card as the payment method . 

I purchased the 1-year plan straight away. The problem might be either new accounts aren't allowed to do which can be weird. Another one can be some cards do not support recurrent charges (Auto Deduction of said amount). Use Paytm for payment. The 1-year plan is around 99/m for a straight one year, which is a pretty good deal.

I wanted to subscribe to the student version . I contacted them regarding the same . They say it's some issue which they are trying to fix . 

Hey there folks,


Thanks for reporting this. 


We'd first recommend making sure to check this support site article. Keep in mind that we support credit and debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo on it. If you're using a different type of card, we can't guarantee that it'll work. You can always view the available payment methods for your country here


Further, keep in mind that if you've tried Premium with your payment method in the past, you won't be eligible for the 30-day trial.


If that doesn't help, make sure to give it another try to upgrade:

If none of these do the trick, make sure to add your +VOTE to let us know. It'd be also helpful if you could include a screenshot with any error messages you see when trying to avail of the 30-trial. Just make sure that there's no sensitive/private info displayed 🙂


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Hey folks,


We haven't heard from you in a while!


If you are still experiencing this issue, could you make sure you are using a payment method from the country which your Spotify account is set to?


Keep us posted! We'll be here if you have any further questions.


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