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Changing from Single to Family Plan

Changing from Single to Family Plan

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I have searched for a resolution but have not found one, so here goes. I'm wanting to switch from a single plan to a family plan and bring my wife on with me. We are being charged for mine and hers separately but if i change to a family plan and I bring her on will her songs and stuff come with her? or will she have to re-build her library all over? Thanks for the help in advance.

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Hey @MrKnwn2ActBad ,


Thanks for reaching out.


Don't worry, the only thing that is going to be changed is the status of the subscription, all her saved data will remain in her account even after changing the plans. Just make sure that she cancels her current plan, and you send an invitation to her email so she can join the Family Plan with you.


Keep in mind that while in the Free plan, both of you will lose access to Premium features such as downloaded songs, but all the data will stay in your accounts.


I hope this helps clear things up. 🙂

Well I'm doing a premium family plan. So does she need my invite first and then cancel right?

The process for upgrading to Spotify Family is the same no matter the status of the subscription, she'll just needed to accept the invitation.

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