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Charged for premium several times but not refunded

Charged for premium several times but not refunded






OnePlus 5

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Android 8.1.0


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 I have a debit card that apparently doesnt permit monthly billing. But when i tried to subscribe to spotify premium(student) i was charged the amount, and the error message said:


"This card doesn’t allow monthly billing. If your card has been charged, we’ll reverse the transaction"

However, i never received a refund. Also, later(i was under the impression that the issue was resolved) i tried again, and was billed again. This has happened a total of 3 times till date. Not received a refund yet, and i still dont have premium. 

How do i go about getting my money back?

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Hey there @dhwajsinghal,

thanks for posting in the community !


As Spotify just launced in India i believe this had happend recently.

Might take sometime for the refund to appear on your account.


If you aren't satisfied and wish to take further actions, please check this Refund Policy official page which also includes a link to contact support.


Hope this helps 😃

Same here i would like to know when I'll get the refund and when it will reflect in my account as i've also been charged only to be cheated!!

Hey there @Purrab,

thanks for posting your reply.


You can rest assure no one is getting cheated i can promise you that 😃

As i mantioned above, you can use the same help guide and contact support to have them take a closer and quicker look.


Have a great day !

  • The same thing happened to me. I used airtel payments bank debit card which actually don't have a bank and I made payment from my wallet. I subscribed to the same student plan and it was charged. I am not getting a refund

Did you get your refund. If yes, when?

Did you get the refund if yes.. when?

hey @hsrishsha , heres an update for you. So spotify claimed that the money never reached them and the bank owes me a refund instead. i filed an application with the bank but that didnt do anything. so in short i did not get my refund. i doubt it had anything to do with my bank in the first place because it seems to have happened to a friend of mine as well who used an account with a different bank. 

I did get the refund if i remember within a week. So you can expect a

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