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Charged while still on free trial

Charged while still on free trial






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I just activated a 30-day free trial last October 22, 2018. After 3 days, I was charged for 149 pesos. How is that possible. Please fix this issue. I NEED A REFUND!


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I have the exact same issue, have you had any luck sorting it out? I can't get hold of anyone, no contact numbers or email addresses anywhere for me to query it. They took the money out the day we started the free trial. We didn't notice the money gone for a week or so, then tried to cancel the free trial still with 3 weeks left on it and can't seem to cancel it so had to put a block on our payment card so they can't take anymore. Absolutely terrible service


Hey @iAmWest and @Tess123,


Thanks for getting in touch.


Keep in mind that you can only receive the trial if you have never tried Premium before.


If you are sure that you haven't had Premium before, check out this page which helps you if you have been charged and you are not sure why.


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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