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Credit Card/ Country Change

Credit Card/ Country Change

Okay, so I've been trying to change my payment type multiple times. First day I tried, it at least let me forward, but didn't accept any of my cards. Yesterday and today, it doesn't even let me try, can't get further than "Subscription" and "Update". After I click "Update", nothing happens. And, well quite frankly I'm pretty fed up -- already considering cancelling the whole account and never using Spotify again. Dramatic, yes, but I am really annoyed! Haha. So, as a last chance I'll ask you all, because there is absolutely no way of contacting Spotify itself, and ask them why they've made it so difficult to pay them -- one would think, that is what they want, right? So here it goes, has anyone actually managed to change their payment type and/ or country with premium account or do I really need to cancel my subscription and start again?


I'd really appreciate a quick response,



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I have the same problem! It must be something wrong...

I also have the same problem, cant seem together to a page where i can enter new payment card details!

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