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Doesn't accept my credit card

Doesn't accept my credit card

I'm trying to pay my premium signature again, but I add my credit card. The web form updates asking my address and other data.
After that it shows a message: "There was a payment failure. Try again. If you want, you can use another card or a different form of payment. Please contact support."

I already had premium but it just stopped to bill me in 04/22

What I have tried:
- Different browsers
- Private navigation
- Different devices
- Different credit/cards | Debit cards.
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Hi there!


In order for the payment to go through successfully, make sure that:

  • Your credit card is issued in the same country as the country of their Spotify account. You can check your account's country settings on the account page.
  • Your card is open for foreign, recurring and online payments.
  • You need to have set up a 2 factor authentication.

You can give it one more try through a mobile device with mobile data instead of Wifi to see if that does the trick. In case you still experience issues, we'd recommend getting in touch with your payment provider so they can have a look at why the payment fails.


Hope you get this sorted out soon. Cheers!

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I'm having the same problem as well. Could you please tell me more details about the 2FA? Like where to open it or how to check its status. Thanks in advance!

Hey @powersagitar,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community!

We'd recommend to contact your bank as they'll be able to give you more information on how to activate 2 factor authentication.


Hope this clears things up. If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.

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I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with renewing your premium signature. It seems like you've tried a lot of troubleshooting steps already. Have you tried contacting the support team to see if they can assist you with this issue? They may be able to provide more specific information on why the payment is failing and help you find a solution. Best of luck! 

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