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hello, i'm trying to start a premium subscription, but it says that an error has been occurred. i made sure the info was right, i tried to do it on edge, and Incognito, i waited 10 hours, tried it and still the same error. i really don't know what to do because i got 0 support from spotifycares on twitter and 0 support on email today. i just want to open an subscription why it's so hard with you guys? i will just go back to apple music and it would be more easier to me if nobody actually helping me and actually doing something on the account like clearing the account or clearing all the attempts i did to purchase the subscription?? so hard for you guys? i've tried everything 

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Hi, Sorry about that. That is a very frustrating issue. Have you tried using a different credit card account and making sure all your billing info is correct? 


When did you reach out to Spotify email for support? Sometimes it can take a little while for them to respond as they investigate your issue. 

yes i've tried everything, i get the same error all the time.

i reached out to spotify email for support 7-8 hours ago

It may be an issue with your credit card company as well. I would check to make sure you haven't missed any communications from them. 


The support team should hopefully get back to you shortly. Sorry that you need to deal with this incredibly frustrating issue. 

my credit card is fine. i purchased a game today with my credit card and i didn’t got any error.

Sometimes, it can decline specific vendors while allowing others to go through. Did you get any notification about an attempted charge from the card? 

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