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Family plan issue with main holder

Family plan issue with main holder


I bought the family plan for me and my GF, it worked perfectly at the beginning but after several hours of usage my account went back to free (although I was premium right after having paid) and my GF account is still working as premium now.

Contacted customer spport but they did not asnwer, has anyone experienced such issue?

I just paid family plan to actually ger an individual one so I am a bit pissed...

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Hey @DodoMTL, welcome to the community!


Since your girlfriend's subscription was added to the plan and she's still premium, you could have two accounts set up with your information.


We suggest following the steps on this support page to check if your Premium is hiding on a different account.


If you find the account and you'd like to move all your music and playlists over, you can contact our Support team via Twitter or Facebook.



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Thnx Alfredo, I forwarded your answer to the Spotify customer support with whom I am a contact with and will check also on the page you mentionned,





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