Free Trial Still Getting Charged


Free Trial Still Getting Charged


I had problems with Spodify before concerning my subscription. I signed up with the student discount but I was never given premuim. They told me to re sign up but it said I already redeemed my student discount so I cant get it anymore, after a while they told me the had some issues with there website. ie they dont want to help me. So they gave me two monthes of free premium which was awesome. A month goes by and look at that Spodify is charging me, which was fine, I was thinking I can finally not worry about this issue. I go on my account Info and it says that my prepaid Spodify ends in a month and im bascially only premium because of the two monthes they gave me. So I'm getting charged for a Spodify account that has two mothes of pre paid monthes and it still says I'm not actually paying for Spodify. 


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Hey @possessedpega, welcome to the community!


Sounds like you have two or more Spotify accounts. Let's try following these steps to see if you can find the log in details of the account with your discount.


Let me know how it goes.

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