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Gift Cards Codes are failing

Gift Cards Codes are failing

Hello, yesterday I bought 12 gift cards for Spotify premium and I tried to insert the code and none works and I went to the store I bought it and they told me "Check with the provider" and now I'm typing this message, can you please help me? I spent a lot of money in them, thank you. 


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I bought a gift card back in March. I tried to use it on April 13, and it failed. I messaged @SpotifyCares on Twitter. First they told me to "try it again in 24 hours," assuring me that "our best techs are working on it." When it still wasn't working, they "suggested" that I try it again in seven days.

I requested that they provide a replacement card, as required by the gift card terms and conditions. They refused to do so. "This one is out of our hands," they wrote on Twitter.

The gift card I bought in March is still not working. As I have written in a previous post, this is not customer service. It is outright theft of my money.

I sent a written notice of dispute to the address in the terms and conditions, only to have it returned by the US Postal Service because it is not a current address.

This is likely to lead to litigation. Spotify is selling defective gift cards, and they are refusing to address the problem. It is gross negligence and fraud.


Hey @sebbsher.


Help's here 🙂


Could you let us know where you bought the gift cards from? 


Also, could you make sure that the country in which you bought the gift cards is the same as the country your account is set to, and that you aren't using a VPN when trying to redeem the gift cards?


Let us know how you get on! We'll be here in case you need further help with this 😉

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