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Gift cards

I subscribe £9.99 per month by direct debit and have been given a £30 gift card, how is this

credited to my account and does it mean my direct debit can be suspended got 3 months?


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Hey @bonnie567, welcome to the community!

The first payment method used to cover the cost of the subscription is the balance of your account. So, as long as the funds needed to pay the subscription months are present, they will be taken directly from your Spotify credit, and subsequently (if there are not enough funds), from your registered credit card.


If something is not clear to you, ask here. I'll be happy to help you 🙂

Hi dear

can you help me?

I'm sorry ..but...I really need music..i'm from Iran...i don't have a visa card...I can not pay for subscriptions....Please let me use Spotify.. thank you



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