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Google Cancelled Home Mini Order (Australia)

Google Cancelled Home Mini Order (Australia)


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Spotify emailed both my personal and work emails about a spotify deal (Upgrade to Family - get a free Home Mini). I upgraded, go the link - processed the order only to get an email saying it was cancelled (this was all done within a minute of the email coming through). Spotify support said to contact Google, Google said to contact spotify. I tried again using the work's spotify account only for it to become canclled again (can't verify order) - no other information.


A quick Google search appears that this is a widespread issue, especially in other countries. Apparently there is no solution, and no one is taking responsibilty or at least assisting to solve the issue. I believe that this promotion breaks consumer fair trade and will be logging this with the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission).

I will give spotify a maximum of 3 business working days to rectify this issue, especially since others are having problems. I'd rather see less people get ripped off.

I have attached a Screenshot of the email and deleted any personal information


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Exact same thing has happened to me. located NSW australia. Recieved the email about cancellation 6 hours after order was placed. spoke to google tech support and got the standard "Thank you! I've escalated your case to our product specialists, and we'll follow-up with you in the next 1-2 business days through email"


Would love to know the outcome if you do go to the ACCC!

Same issue here (South Australia).

I called Google who advised that it was likely an issue with the code provided by Spotify, but they'd still pass it on to the relevant team.

I contacted Spotify support who advised that they would pass it on to their "Specialty team" and email me, but they haven't been able to give me any sort of timeframe.

A few other people I know have said they have experienced the same thing, so it appears to be a common issue.



Have you already reported this matter to ACCC?

I had the same problem. 

Thanks for your replies, I feel bad that you're having the same issue. From what I can see, this has been occuring all over the world, even up to last year.


Due to this, I decided to make my formal lodegment to the ACCC late yesterday. A response turnaround from them is around 15 business working days. I employ everyone to comment of this thread if you have the same issue, as it really helps the argument when the ACCC reviews the case.



Same issue here. Order was placed, then automatically cancelled about 10 minutes later by Google because, "We had to cancel your order because we were unable to validate some of your information."


My communication thus far has only gone as far as a Google ticket, which was replied to with some different methods suggested to get the code working in a a new order - great, if the code wasn't consumed.


I too saw this was an ongoing issue that has happened in other regions in the past. It's very disheartening to see that not many people have been successful in getting this issue rectified.

Yes agreed, shocking to see they have not done anything about it. Yet still continue to advertise a promotion.


You're given one shot to redeem your Home Mini, once the coupon is spent, there is no reversal, even if google cancels your order. I have certainly tried my best.


I am looking forward to hearing back from the ACCC, I think we all are.


I have also lodged a complaint with the ACCC.

Excellent! The more reports, the better!

Exact same thing happened to me last night...I'm kind of annoyed because I was so stoked to be getting a Google home mini!!! Then it bounced back from Google saying the same as someone else pointed out about not being able to validate my details. I've so far escalated with Google and am waiting for a response....I would have been happier if I hadn't tried at all but the fact it's promoted, they got me excited and now have (at the moment, at least) let me down is quite poor on their behalf

Yeah Mate. I think Spotify is running a scam, that's how I felt.

Same issue.

Id assume spotify realise they have made an error and will fix it

One can be hopeful, however this appears a very common thread dating back to late 2018. 

Customers in US and Canada also complaining about the same thing.

Correct and Spotify's reply is "That promotion is now over, follow our website for the next one" - however considering I received this email yesterday... I believe it is sufficient that they have dug a big hole for themselves.


I got talking to Spotify support and they said the same thing to me that it would be escalated to a speciality team, sent them through a screenshot of my confirmation email from google. The guy I spoke to said it was between then and Google and that it should take take long to sort out...I reckon it's just a glitch they havent ironed out yet. Hopefully it gets resolved soon, I feel slightly at ease after speaking with Spotify support though so if you haven't already I'd suggest trying this route of action

I have an update... and a theory.

So i received an email from Spotify with the following:

Hi there,

We're sorry to hear you didn't receive a Google Home Mini device. 

We’re able to provide you with a new link, but please note that we’re unable to give you any more codes after this one, even in the event that you don’t receive the device.

With that in mind, please check that you’re logged into the correct Google account. We also strongly advise you check both your payment details and shipping information are completely accurate before completing the checkout process.

Here's the new link for you to redeem:


After looking over my account I noticed that the email address I used to sign up was a different to the one I used to redeem the order (despite it applying the code initially)

I have updated my email address on the spotify account to match and will post here with updates.

Fingers crossed!

Hope this sorts it for you Tim,


It's a little concerning that they saying we give you one more chance and that's it though....


With my own account, I've signed into Spotify through Facebook...its not possible for me to sign in any other way under rmy account. Facebook email and Google email are the same, all my details are correct and I can't find any discrepancies...if I get the same chance I don't see anything else or different I can do this time

Update #2

So, they sent me a new promo link, for a different promo.



I've replied to their email asking for a promo code for a FREE google home mini as per their promo.

Now we play the waiting game.

the email address I used was 'technically' the same.

My email address is *firstnamelastname(at)gmail* but for spotify I used *firstname.lastname(at)gmail*

Google sees these as the same email address, but i'm guessing spotify couldn't validate it because of the dot.

(my email address is obviously not "firstnamelastname" )

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