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How long does it take for spotify to retry payments?

How long does it take for spotify to retry payments?



I have a recurring payment on the 15th of every month. I didn't have funds to pay for my subscription, so I had to pay for it 2 days after.


How long does it take for spotify to retry payments? It's been almost 5 days since they tried, as any of my transactions I see relating to spotify, only happened on the 15th. 


It'd be greatly appreciated if I can know the range of which spotify retries payments. I'm getting a little concerned about if my premium is to expire, due to not paying for it, even if I have the appropriate funds to pay it.


Thank you. 


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Hey @Thomas111192 and thanks for your question! 🙂
According to Spotify's payment FAQ - they will attempt to withdraw the funds up to a few days after the initial payment failure. I have copied the article below for reference.

Since it's not a definitive cut off, you could try reaching out to your payment provider to see if there are any pending attempts. If nothing is pending, you may need to re-add your payment info.
If it does unfortunately revert to Free - you won't lose your library or anything saved once you enter payment and activate Premium again.
I hope this helped and have a great day! 🙂


Recurring payment not working?

If a Spotify payment doesn’t go through as usual, you won't immediately lose your subscription. We’ll keep trying to take the payment over the next few days.

To make sure it goes through, check you have sufficient funds and that your card hasn’t expired or canceled. You can also check with your bank about why it failed


You can update your payment method any time:

  1. Log in to your subscription page.
    Note: If this page says you subscribe with a payment partner, it’s best to contact them about any failed payments.
  2. Click UPDATE



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