I cannot pay with my bank card

I cannot pay with my bank card


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Country Turkey



iPhone 6

Operating System

iOS 12


My Question or Issue

When I enter my bank card for my payment information, it does not accept my card. I am getting a warning that the payment could not be made. I have money in my account, but I am having trouble paying.

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Hey there @Starman13


Help’s here!


We suggest trying once again, but this time using a private/incognito window. This usually helps if the issue is related to the cache of your preferred browser. Another thing you can also try is using a different browser. 


If these steps don't help, send us a screenshot of the warning you see. Just attach the image to your next response to us by using the Insert Photos option in the post editor. This way we can take a closer look at the issue.


Tip: Make sure the screenshot doesn’t show any sensitive info such as payment or personal data.  


Let us know how you get on! We'll be here in case you need any further help with this. 

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