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I'm still getting charged for premium even though I upgraded to the family plan months ago.

I'm still getting charged for premium even though I upgraded to the family plan months ago.


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 I'm being charged twice a month. Once for Premium and once for the Family plan that I upgraded months ago. I've searched these forums for a solution but can't find anything helpful. How am I supposed to get my money back for all the months of being double charged? 

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I am sorry to hear you are double charged. Can you make sure that on the recipt you recived on email is listed the same account username.

If that is so try canceling your curent plan and reupgrade to the Spotify for Family.

I am looking forward to help you solve your problems.

Calin ❤️

As for refund, I'd recommend checking out the refund policy here for more info and the next steps to take.


I was getting charged from a different account that I didn't authorize. I used the wrong email when initially signed up so I made a new account and THOUGHT I cancelled the other one. Apparently I didn't. Is there anyway I can get a refund? I can barely afford the subscription I do have, let alone one that I never used and never meant to make in the first place.


Hey there @Jc614,


Hope you don't mind me jumping in! If you are adament that you haven't signed up for Spotify Premium and that someone else has signed up using your card details, check out this Spotify support article > Didn't subscribe or don't have an account?

Let me know how if you need a hand with anything else 🙂

Hey there,


What @user-removed mentioned is correct,


If this is not the case, I suggest you go to this page to check if you have a second account with a subscription, if so, you can cancel one.


To see if you're eligible for a refund, you can find more information here.


Hope this helps! 🙂

I am still being charged for premium after I signed up for family how can I change this ? I removed both to start from scratch and once I signed up for family it started charging me the premium also again !! Very frustrating and I'm getting ripped off 

Hey there @Sveenbaas!


Welcome to the Community and thanks for getting in touch with us. We'll gladly help you solve this.


Can you start by taking a look at your Receipts page? If you don't see any extra payment there, it means that you might be paying for 2 different accounts.


It's possible that you have 2 accounts with us and you've updated one of them to Family and the other one is on Premium Individual.


Take a look at this page under ''Do you have more than one Premium account?'' to see what you can do to locate your second account. 


Keep us posted on how it goes and let us know if you have any further questions.

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