Is it a scam?


Is it a scam?

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I really don't understand. I have a one year subscription and after 5 months the search doesn't working. I receive the message "you're off line" for searching, but other "proposed" playlists are working fine. And no support!!!! for a paid service ....I'm realy confused as long as this guys has became a  public company. How can I ask for a refound? Is someone can help me?I'm completly dissapointed, feeling **bleep** 

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I am sorry you are having issues. Spotify is certainly not a scam. If you still have a valid subscription your account is not the problem. Make sure you are connected to WiFi and have internet acess. If this doesn’t work try using a different device. Your subscription is not the problem as you can search even if you don’t have premuim. I hope you can get this sorted out.

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Don**bleep** me. I'm telecom expert and have all the connections and devices in place....same behavior. I've told you, search doesn't work but other "proposed" playlist s are fine. Don't want to argue with you have a fix or how i can get the rata of course I'm resonable guy

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And on your subscription page there is NO CANCEL!!!

So let me know, what i have to do for refund??

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Hey @bart_snp, help's here.


There seems to be something with the app that's not letting you go online. Both Free and Premium users are able to search for music. We suggest that you try changing the connection type between Wifi and mobile data. 


If that doesn't help, double-check that the Offline Mode is disabled. You can find the Offline Mode setting with the steps provided here.


Finally, reinstall the app and see if that helps. 


If you still want to cancel, you can find all the info you need about that along with troubleshooting steps here. Make sure to check out our Refund policy regarding any questions about refunds.


Hope that helps!