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Is listening and using Spotify at work considered personal or commercial use?

Is listening and using Spotify at work considered personal or commercial use?

Hello, according to the Terms and Conditions, I believe that Spotify is for Personal, non-commercial, use. I'm wondering though if I'm working, so doing my "career" type of work, can I listen to Spotify.

Some example, suppose I'm working from home, can I be in a bedroom and listing and use Spotify? Or what if I'm doing some on-site work at someone else's office that doing work at as a contract worker, can I listen and use Spotify there if I have headphones or maybe even from my laptop speakers?

I guess I'm not sure what is really considered commercial use. For example, someone that is working at like street corners waving and holding signs, if they've got headphones on and are using Spotify, is that considered personal or commercial use.

In one sense I see how it's personal use, but can perhaps be considered commercial use since it being used at a time during work.

Can I please get some help as to what is allowed and not.

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Hey @Skippy428, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Thanks for bringing these questions to us 🙂

Commercial use would be classified as any type of "public" listening, such as playing music for your whole office or running a playlist for a coffee shop that you work at or something. These kinds of Spotify uses would need the additional licensing provided by Soundtrack Business:

The uses you described (listening anywhere with headphones, or even just on laptop speakers for your personal listening) are safely within the classification of personal use, so you have nothing to worry about.

Please let me know if you have any more questions! Happy listening 🙂

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