Issue with changing country

Issue with changing country

I tried to change my country from Netherlands to Spain, however, when cancelling my Premium/Family account, I get below error message. I need this change to add my family to the account as I´ve moved back to Spain. Anyone can help out?error.PNG



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Hey there @JarjaJose,

thanks for posting !


Can you please provide the current country you're at, the current country set up on your account and where your payment method was issued ?


Thanks 🙂


Im currently in Spain, I was in The Netherlands, so payment method setup
was using Dutch credit card.

Hey there @JarjaJose,

thanks for posting !


If you're still trying to change country using the Dutch payment method it might explain why you're getting an error.


To change the country settings a user should have a valid and matching payment method to the country he lives at like mentioned here.


Hope this helps 🙂

I did change payment method to a Spanish credit card, however, the issue
remains 😞

Hey @JarjaJose,

thanks for clerifying that.


Please try again going over these two help pages on the issues you're having to see you haven't missed anything : 

- Country Settings

- Payment Troubleshooting


In addition, i'd suggest checking the status of you account settings over at to make sure the changes you made were implemented correctly.


However, if after all of the above you haven't managed fixing the issue, please reach out to support using this help page for them to take a closer look at your account.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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