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My credit card keeps being charged

My credit card keeps being charged

I had a premium account and cancelled it multiple times, only to realize that I keep being charged on my credit card for this premium account. I upgraded to premium thanks to an e-mail promotion, so I think maybe it was a phishing thing? Could someone please tell me where or how to contact somebody that can cancel this account? As I said I already did all the process to cancel my account multiple times but to no use. Thank you.

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Hey @JessicaShir, welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear you've been charged for Spotify after cancelling the service.


Just to confirm, did you receive a confirmation email after cancelling the subscription following these steps? Once you completely cancel the service, you'll receive an email with a playlist.


I also suggest checking if you have other Spotify accounts set up with your information. Here's a nice support page with all the info on how to find out if you have a Spotify account.


Keep me in the loop.

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