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Never received Email confirmation, receipt for Spotify Premium gift.

Never received Email confirmation, receipt for Spotify Premium gift.

Hi everyone,


I was trying to buy 12-months Spotify unlimited for a friend's birthday present who has never used spotify before. 

I paid and didnt receive any email confirmation or receipt. Neither did the recipient receive an email from Spotify with the code at all.

It wasnt debited from my bank immediately either, instead it was debited the day after the payment. So far it has been two days and neither of us have received anything yet. My bank has confirmed the payment went through. 


I have been email support and so far she's been adamant that I provide her with a copy of the receipt AND the 12 digit code that apparently I have received. I have checked in all my folders including Junk and Trash and have come up empty handed. Anyone experiencing the same problem and know a solution? Your help would be greatly appreiciated. The birthday has already passed 😞


Thanks a lot in advance,


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I am currently experiencing the same issue.  I ordered a one month premium subscription and set it up to be sent to myself.  Never got anything.  I then bought another one and had it sent to the person its intended for.  They havnt received it either.  Can any assist please?

Of course, I receive the email confirming I joined the community immediately. 

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