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Premium but ads while listening to music

Premium but ads while listening to music

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 Samsung J7

Operating System



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I bought premium account so I could listen to music without ads while I am resting or trying to relax, I mostly use playlists "Sleep Music", Keep Calm, etc. But I still hear ads, they are very loud, no matter how low the volume of my speaker is. I tried to reset the app and logged back in, but the ads are still there. I am not listening to podcasts. 

I never experienced this issue when I had Pandora membership



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Hi there @Spookiefly,

thanks for reaching out !


In most cases like yours, users upgrade the wrong account and use the Free account's credentials to log in.


As long as you have received a confirmation mail stating your now on Premium, please use this help page to locate all active accounts listed with your details.


Make sure to type in all possible emails or other info needed that you may have used for the process.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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