Problem with Premium Family payment

Problem with Premium Family payment


Premium Family

Country France



(Samsung Galaxy S9, Macbook Air late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


I'm now into the second week of trying to renew my Premium Family account.


Each time I have tried to make the payment, I receive an error message saying that the payment has failed (I've tried multiple times over multiple days).


I've checked with the bank to make sure there are no problems with the cards (I tried three different cards, with two different banks) and there are sufficient funds available.


Yes, I tried using different browsers, incognito mode.


I've tried using PayPal. The payment gets processed up to the bank's confirmation page then bounces back to the first payment screen without the payment going through, despite successful confirmation from the bank.


Today, after having spent endless hours wrangling with Spotify help staff on Twitter and via email, I finally followed their suggestion to cancel my Premium subscription and resubscribe.


Guess what? Exactly the same problems with payment. So now, in a few days time, I will be without all of my downloaded playlists and albums, as will my two daughters, plus I will be forced to listen to advertising, which of course was one of the biggest reasons for subscribing in the first place.


What really pisses me off most is that the very first time I contacted Spotify, via chat (which I haven't been able to find a way to do since) I was told that there was indeed a technical issue with the payment system and that I should try again in a few days. This didn't work, and despite me giving Spotify the ID number of this chat, no-one since seems to be able to recognise that the fault does not lie with me or my payment methods.


All I want to do is renew my subscription. I listen to music all day, every day: I have numerous playlists. How can this be so impossible, and so enfuriating? I'm really utterly at a loss as to what I can do, and if one more person at Spotify suggests that it all looks ok "backstage", I think I might just scream.


Payment failed.png
Spotify Premium payment failed.png
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Attaching the most recent payment failure screen rather than the personal plan above. Same problem regardless.

Spotify Family payment failed.png

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: the cancellation of my Premium Family plan was IMMEDIATE: I have lost all functionality of my Spotify music. I am FURIOUS.

Can anyone help me at all??? I'm honestly losing my mind here: so many emails, messages & tweets later, and now without my music after following their advice to cancel my subscription, Spotify support has just told me Yet Again to check with my bank or to try a different payment method.... I can't even remember how many times I have tried to make this payment: at least four times today, as usual. Perhaps they think this is some fun thing I should be adding to my daily routine, trying to give Spotify money.... short of driving to one of their offices with a pile of cash, I've no idea how this could be achieved.


I'm not sure which is worse in fact, the appalling service or the absolutely witless, heartless messages from support.


Please, if anyone has any way I can get hold of a real person to talk to who might actually be able to sort this out, please respond...

I am trying to start a family premium account and I am getting the same error. The card works for other purchases so it is a problem on Spotify's end. We tried incognito, different browsers, changing networks and computers and nothing seems to fix the issue. Is there any solution?

Hi folks!


Make sure your cards are open for foreign, online and recurring transactions, and that they haven't expired or been canceled. In order for the payment to go through, you'll also need to have set up a two-factor authentication.


Ensure also that your cards' country of issue and your Spotify accounts' country match. You can do that on your account page. You can even try subscribing directly from there, under Your plan to see if that would do the trick.


More info on how to troubleshoot failed payments can be found here.


In case the issue persists, it's recommended you get in touch with your bank and ask for more information on why the payment attempts are failing.


Hope you get this sorted out soon. Take care.

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