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[RO] Raiffeisen master card does not work

[RO] Raiffeisen master card does not work

I'm trying to use a Raiffeisen Master Card for a subscription in Romania. I complete my card charging data and when I press the "START TRIAL" button I get:

  • Payment failed. Try again, or use a different payment method. Get help

None of the information from the "Get help" section was any usefull?

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Same issue here, same bank, cannot purchase the Premium subscription. Any ideas?

check your spotify account, it must match your postal code & date or birth

the address used for your card must match the address in your spotify account


For me is Romania and still not working.

I have set the postal code for the card address and it's still not working.

I have the same issue. Would be nice if paypal was available as a payment option.

they should add paypal


You can't even contact Spotify.

I have the same error with a Unicredit debit card which I use all over the Internet (Netflix, Google Music, Amazon etc). I opened another thread - the more the merrier 😉

Same here

I have the same problem as of March 14.

Same issue, I use the same debit card to pay for Google Play Music subscription, so the card is fine.

I just tried again and it worked. Maybe there were some payment gateway issues.

I've tried it just now, and I still have problems.

Me too

Neither bank works. Staff, please help. 

Guys, what worked me for me ING Romanian Card:

Make a hotspot from your phone using celular data. Connect your laptop. Open an incognito tab in Chrome and try to pay. This worked for me.

Oh and make sure to use account and password rather than facebook connect.

contact Spotify Support:


- select 'Subscription'

- select 'Unable to subscribe - Payment failed'

- select 'I Still need Help'


I just finished talking to Spotify Client Support ( -> Subscription -> Unable to subscribe - Payment failed -> I Still need Help ).


I had to call Raiffeisen Bank and make sure that they accept payment requests from Spotify and indeed they do, there is no problem on their side.


Apparently the first time I tried to subscribe the payment was denied for some reason and because I tried again and again in a short period of time the system thought that the payment is unsecure.


So the guy from Client Support issued a ticket to the Tech Team so they look into my account and reset all my payments so I can finally subscribe in 3-5 days.


What you have to do is talk to Client Support and they'll have it fixed for you. Good luck!


It does not work for me either.


Raiffeisen Bank MasterCard.

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