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Re: Spotify is raising its prices in Norway

Re: Spotify is raising its prices in Norway

I understand that Norwegians as a whole are rich and that the projected ammount of people leaving your services due to an increase in prices would be low.  But why increase prices in just one area?  I don't enjoy being singled out as your cash-cow, especially not at the same time as you offer your non-paying customers a better product.


And your question 1 - why, is not answered at all.  I think the answer you're looking for is - We are currently not earning enough money and believe Norwegians wouldn't be too fussed with helping us loose less money.  Alternatly - we have not adjusted prices since 20?? and we now need to adjust pricing to cover rising costs.

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Hey @harrryarne, welcome to the Community!


We’ve increased the price of Premium for new users in Norway so we can continue to bring the very best service to music fans. Existing subscribers will keep their current price until July 2018.


Hope that helps clear things up.

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