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Received Premium for a Gift, But Can't Log In!

Received Premium for a Gift, But Can't Log In!

Hi all,


I received premium for a gift this Christmas, but can't connect the order to my account.


The purchase generated a 'new username' that's made of up of a series of randomly generated letters and numbers, and no password to use to log in. I have the order receipt, card and order number, and other info, but don't see where I can input this? Can I connect this to my already existing account instead of starting from scratch with this super long and random username that I'll never be able to remember? If so, how?

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Hey @doble_ve, welcome to the Community!


Do you see the gift card redeemed on your account if you log in here? Also, did you take a screenshot of the username given after you redeemed it?


It's possible that you might have created an account through Facebook. If that's the case, you should be able to log in using the username and your Facebook password.


Let us know how it goes.

Hi @SergioDavid,


I am not registered or logged in through facebook, nor is there any indication of a gift card being applied to my account. The person who purchased my subscription does not know my personal account information, so they could not have had the subscription applied to my account.


I believe they started a new account. I have a screenshot of the username from that account, which is the randomly generated set of letters and numbers, but I do not have the password. I also have the order number. I would like to either transfer that order to my current account, instead of starting a completely new account, or to migrate my current account settings/preferences/playlists to the new account. I don't see a way in the interface to apply an order number to my current account, or to take the other approach to merge the data from one account to the other.


Is this possible? Or will I be forced to use the new account?


If not, Spotify should ammend the way that they handle the subscription process to make this process more intuitive.

Any thoughts?

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