Redeem gift card in client?


Redeem gift card in client?




A friend of mine has misplaced his Spotify password, as well as the password to his e-mail. He is still logged into his Spotify client on his tablet, though. I wish to send him a gift card he can use to get back to Premium, but he's unable to log in via the website. Is there a way to redeem the gift card from within the tablet client?

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Hey there! This sounds like a tricky situation. You can't redeem a giftcard from the app necessarily, but you could from a browser on the tablet? Either way, I'd recommend reaching out to Spotify directly either on Twitter @SpotifyCares or via the contact form. They'll be able to change his email address so he can receive the password reset link and get back in to his account for good. Let me know if any of this was confusing or if I can help with anythign else :)