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Spotify for Students not activated

Spotify for Students not activated




Czech Republic

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I have used SheerID to verify that I am a student. I got an email which stated that verification was succesful. Few minutes ago my premium trial period has expired and I was charged full premium price. I noticed that on my spotify account overview page was still shown full price for premium after I verified my student status and next to Premium for Students section was still clickbutton to verify. I clicked it but SheerID just showed me a message I was verified already. I was hoping it will change when my Premium trial period will expire but it did not. Is there any way to reclaim this issue? Thanks a lot for help.


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Hey @PříslušníkVB Sorry to hear you are having issues. Could you try the instructions in this guide to see if it does the trick?


Hope it works out for you, if it does please consider marking this as a solution, it would be much appreciated.

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