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Spotify logs me out of premium when offline

Spotify logs me out of premium when offline







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Spotify logs me out when offline.


Was driving to US today where I don't have data. Then the spotify app, instead of working, showed a login screen of death telling me that because I was offline I needed to log in. How great! Since logging on when offline isn't possible, no music in the middle of nowhere even though I'm paying premium.


Now, with network, login screen is gone, Spotify now remembers that I was actually logged on all the time.


Now I'm wondering if this is some perfidious sort of account verification kicking in when it hurts most, and whether I shouldn't rather get some old-style mp3 player app to have a reliable source of music whilst driving without network?


Has this happened to anyone else?



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I had a similiar problem after I upgraded to spotify premium and it turned out that both the IOS on my phone and the Spotify app weren't up to date. Apart from checking for updates, I would also make sure that you already have the music you want to listen to downloaded so that it is available once you go offline. Then, you can go to settings, then playback, and then hit the switch button to go offline. Hope this helps!

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