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Spotify through rogers.

Spotify through rogers.

I currently had the 3 months premium for 0.99 cents then i was on my rogers account and tried to get the free spotify that they offer me. I was told to cancely current subcription and then login to get the new one.. but its not working now i have no premium this is some bs.
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Hey @Miikey, welcome to the Community!


We suggest you reach out to us through our contact formFacebook, or Twitter so we can have a closer look at your account.


We hope that helps.

@sergiodavid i will try the contact form. Really sucks being without the premium

I have spotify premium thru my rogers account.  You need to first set it up by logging onto the myrogers website.. You enter your account info and then you will see your available Rogers offers.  You click on the spotify option and then you will be asked to input your user name and password for your spotify account.   Hope that helps.  Otherwise you will be stuck calling Rogers and asking them for hep.

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