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Student Subscription Not Working Anymore

Student Subscription Not Working Anymore







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 I have had spotify premium for student for the last three years with no issues.  Then January 2019, I stopped getting access to Hulu on my xbox.  I figured it was an issue with my xbox because it is an older model, but today I tried to log into Hulu on my computer and had the same issue.  After a bit of investigation, I discovered that my Spotify for Students was no longer on my account, and as of January this year, I have been being charged the full cost.  When I tried to re-add my student information to my account, I got an error message saying that my information was already attached to another account, but I have not created any other accounts.  Has anyone else had issues like this or knows how to fix it?


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Hey there @williamini33,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


Adding the Premium for Students help page for further info.

Please make sure you read all limitations to see if you haven't crossed any.

In case you haven't, we'll move forward.


Waiting on your update 😃

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