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Subscription payment

Good day to the support staff, I am a regular user of your app and its been a big part of my daily routine to listen to music using spotify. So may I ask what happened to the 3 month subscription payment I paid yesterday(02/10/2018). When I checked this morning the account still said that it was in "Free" status. I tried every step in your "Subscription Payment" thread but all steps did not help me. So i decided to test the payment method again and availed for a 1 month subscription today (02/12/2018) which succeeded. Sirs/Maams may I ask where the 3 month subscription payment went? and if its possible can the 3 month paid subscription be added to the 1 month subscription I am in right now. Thank you and Good day.

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Yes, I've been charged & have bank statement reciept to prove it dated 2nd Feb 2018, yet constantly get messages saying 'subscription payment failure'and website has last reciept dated 12th Dec!! I paid in Jan too!! And it is IMPOSSIBLE to get hold of ANYONE to help, website sends you round in circles, and no I don't want anything to do with **bleep** Twitter so how the **bleep** am I supposed to resolve this????


I'm just about over this SPOTIFY, sort it out or I'm off to Deezer or some app that works

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