Subscription suspend immediately without advice spotify

Subscription suspend immediately without advice spotify







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I received an email saying that there was a problem with payment and the account was suspended. Some years ago when this happened my premium was not suspended and I receved an alert that I needed to check my payment information. Today I received the email saying that my premium was suspended in the first time the payment process failed. I got no message in my credit card saying that the payment was refused, so I guess the problem is on the Spotify Application side. 

I'm a long time premium user and I hope I got an answer fast from support as long as there's not support contact anymore in the site.

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Hey @AcidTr,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Sorry to hear that your Premium subscription was abruptly cancelled after a failed payment. Note that as Community moderators, we don't have access to your account so we can't say exactly what happened with the payment.


If a payment fails, your subscription won't be cancelled immediately. Usually the system tries to take the payment multiple times for a couple of days, as the subscription gets automatically cancelled if the payment can't go through. If you're certain that your payment method is active and has sufficient funds, you might want to reach out to your bank and ask why this has happened. They'll be able to give you more accurate information.


Regarding notifications from Spotify, you'd receive those when your card is about to expire or the payment method you're currently running is no longer active. Note that if you've blocked emails from Spotify or moved any to your Spam/ Junk folder, they might get automatically sent there.


Even if the payment has failed, you should still be able to re-subscribe for Premium.


Hope this info helps. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.





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