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Can I please know why I have been charged IDR 79.000 and have never been notified if I wanted to extend my subscription? I already cancel my subscribe after using premium for family but  Spotify taking my payments and yet not giving me any premium service. I want my money back for the service I have not received. It's terrible. IDR 79.000 is a lot of money for nothing. Can any one help ..

Thank you

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Hi there @DaviIndra,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


I'll start by mentioning that it's important to cover any sensitive information while posting screenshots and that's the reason i had yours removed.


After taking a quick look at the screenshot you've added, it seems that you haven't canceled your subscription.

Let's start by following these steps just to be on the safe side.


In addition, as you've mentioned canceling your Premium Family account and that you're still getting charged without having any Premium features, this might indicate you currently have an additional Free subscription account.


Therefore, i recommend you follow the advice given on this article, and more specifically under - More Help>Do you have more than one Premium account?


I'm always around.

Keep me posted 🙂

im having a similar problem.i was charged for premium and i signed up for free spotify.i would like my funds back as soon as possible.because i don't have it like that to just be throwing money away onto an account that i don't can i get my money back?

Hi there @Snoop6,


In order to determine which accounts you currently have i suggest you follow the instructions on this help page to locate all the active accounts you may have.


Then, you can always visit your account overview page and check your subscription status and receipts.


If you a subscription that's causing charges and which you wish canceling, just follow the steps provided here.


Furthermore, you can read more about refunds on this support page.


Hope this helps.

Have a great day 🙂

I am being charged $9.99 every month & I don't know why & I can't get any answers or support. I cancelled my acct a year ago.

Hi there @lesstata,


All steps i provided above are relevant to the same issue.

In addition, you can follow the instructions given here for further steps.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

Lesley Tata
9:02 AM (0 minutes ago)
to Community
I followed the steps both accounts found said I only have free acct -
however, this is on my bank statement every month!!!!
****** POS PURCHASE Spotify USA New York NY ******* ********

Hi there @lesstata,


Thanks for posting here and for following the steps @ OneByBoo provided! 


Since both of your accounts are on Free, you can refer to the 'Didn't sign up to Premium?' section in this article. Just follow the steps to reach out to support.


Let us know how it goes!

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