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 My Question or Issue

PayPal reimburses me, but has also informed me we’ve been attempting to cancel Spotify for at least 6 months.  

Over that time I’ve (we’ve) attempted dozens of times using various methods including multiple sign ins which so far appear to be the only method available, but no matter how we go about it or what devices I use, I always get something like the attachment that blocks me from getting to the link I need.  

It’s obvious Spotify’s rules are far more convoluted than necessary.  PayPal informs me some underhanded (the word PayPal used, not mine) companies do this intentionally, making use of highly specific rules, Eulerian style connected web pages and loopholes in the laws so subscribers remain on their books forever. 

Can anyone guide me around the legal loophole(s), WORKING steps and digital mazes Spotify uses so I can cancel my subscription?

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Hey @Fatham,


Sorry to hear you're having issues unsubscribing! You can either Tweet to Spotify via @SpotifyCares, or use this contact form.


Hope this helps!

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