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Wrong renewal date. Less Premium, than I paid for

Wrong renewal date. Less Premium, than I paid for







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So... I've been using a prepaid SIM card as my method of payment up until the 19th of July, which is when the subscription ran out and wasn't renewed because I didn't have enough money on that SIM.

I could and did not use Premium after 19th of July!

Up until 8th this month, when I decided to renew my payment method (PayPal) to continue using Premium. I paid 9,99€, but my account page says the plan will be renewed tomorrow, 19.08, as if the subscription just kept on running, which it didn't.


I contacted support via the help page, but that wasn't very helpful. They told me the renewal date will 19.09.?? Now that doesn't make any sense at all and my account page still says 19.08.


Please let me use the service I paid for.


Kind regards


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Hey there @anarki8,

thanks for posting !


I must say i'm a bit confused.

Can you please send a screenshot of where it says your subscription status at the moment ?


Thanks 🙂


Hey @OneByBoo


I attached the screenshot.


To clear up any remaining confusion, here's a short version of what happened.


- last month of premium ran out on 19.07... my payment method at the time didn't allow for the next 9,99€ to be charged

=> Spotify was showing me a notification to update payment details. I couldn't and didn't use premium during that time and just left it be as it was, instead of "officially" cancelling the subscription

- I provided a different payment method on 08.08. to continue my subscription and, as you can see in the screenshot, I was charged 9,99€, but it says it's going to do so again tomorrow.

- That's not a month?!


Thanks for your effort 🙂




Hey there @anarki8,

thanks for the update !


Can you please log in your account overview at and let me know which type of subscription and end date is written there ?


Thanks  🙂

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