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Wrongly charged!


Wrongly charged!


Hi, I was hoping someone would help me.


I purchesed the 3 months for 99p offer on the 3rd of December, but I looked at a statment from my bank, on top of being charged 99p, they have decided to charge me £9.99 also!!! Very angry as the time of year doesnt help and I'm miffed that I've been charged wrongly and would like a refund. Any help on how I could do that? I have checked on my account and it says I'm not paying full price until Feb or MARCH? so why am I being charged fully now!?

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Re: Wrongly charged!

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Even i have been charged like this . 

Re: Wrongly charged!

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Hi @tabbbyyyx,

I would suggest contacting Spotify directly, if you want a refund.

Good luck,