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do i own the time limit , keep on desk, upload to my cloud, etc?

do i own the time limit , keep on desk, upload to my cloud, etc?

do i own the time limit , keep on desk, upload to my cloud, etc?

3 Replies

Hey @user-removed


There are no time based limits on Spotify, so even when you go back to Free, you will still have access to all of your playlists and music. 🙂


Music on Spotify is still meant to be used in Spotify. You can't use Spotify content outside the app.


If you want music on devices that don't support Spotify, upload it to your cloud service and listen to however you feel like, then the best way is having your own collection of music that you've obtained on CD's, digitally or in other formats.
This way you can be sure that the music will always be there as well, because sometimes music on streaming services can become unavailable for various reasons and various times due to licensing, changes in distribution and so on.


Hope I answered your question well enough; if you have more questions, feel free to ask! 🙂

thank you very much for your response...i do have a few more questions...

If i,m asking to much of you i apologize, but after reading dozens of tech info from mostly questionable sourses, i'm getting further confused, and i only have short windows of opurtunity for this stuff due to bipolar depresion....


let me start with where im at now: 

- music folder containing approx 3000 ripped cd's, 1000 amazon mp3's

- weekly b/up to 2 seperate portable HD'S, 10 256, thums, and manual upload to one drive as i dont trust ther auto uploasd software, also starting with sandisks cloud service....


QUESTION1: Your choice for a cloud allowing fre use of spotofiy or other proprietary/  streaming music storage?


QUESTION :2: other then ms media player , whats your choice for basic organizational, music software, capable of home group/network streaming? 


QUESTION:3  where would you suggest going to simply buy mp3 without the streaming or proprietary problems?


I'm sorry asking all this off you, but i dont have frinds into this stuff...if its eaier

<<private information removed for security>>


PS  ..I "LIKED"  YOUR REPLY , AND just let me know what else i should do to help your community feedback/rating...

Thank you in advance...

Joe Golden









You don't need to apologize - helping you guys and answering questions is the reason I'm here for. 🙂


Looks like you have a large local music library, cool!


Answer 1: You don't need a cloud service for Spotify. You can listen to all the music available on Spotify on any device that supports it!
Spotify also supports local files (click to read the article).
A friend of mine uses Google Play Music for local files (it's free for local files).


Answer 2: That's a bit of a tricky question... 🙂
I use foobar2000 for maintaining my music collection (adding tags, converting files and all that). Mediamonkey works well too, but I needed something that's resource-wise very lightweight. Both will add tags directly to the file instead of Windows Media Player which has a cache mapping files to the information you've inserted.

To stream music within the local network there are many ways. Windows has native media streaming support, but it's slightly tricky to use. You could try out any of those apps listed here... What devices are you using for music playback?



Answer 3: I like to buy music from Bandcamp. I download music in wav format, but it also offers 2 versions of MP3 (variable and constant bitrate) among others. Additionally, when you buy from there, your bought music will appear on your fan account and you can stream your albums through (free) Bandcamp apps as well as download them whenever you want in whichever available format.
Junodownload is another pretty fantastic platform that offers 192kbps and 320kbps MP3 among others.


Hope this helps! 🙂

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