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I have been begging Spotify for months now to be able to purchase a premium plan. I was even gifted with a month of free use, as agents were not able to help me with my issue.  The problem seems to be a card payment method and country of residence which don't match. I don't want to mess up with globalization,  but how big is a chance, that people really have to live in a place which matches their bank account? Anyway,  If one is unfortunate enough to end up in Slovakia with a UK bank account, just forget about music. I am not saying it is discrimination, some countries simply have more options than others, but there are no gift cards, no annual purchase option, no chance to buy Spotify elsewhere.   Doesn't that seem ridiculous in the world where most other companies would fight for paying users? Maybe I am naive to hope that this will change something, but I am writing in the hope, that Spotify is finally gonna let me play my part in supporting the music industry again.  Only now I understand what  Barry White meant when he said:  Let the music play.

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