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I have recently been charged £9.99 for my spotify subscription when I had previously been paying the student price of £4.99. It dawned upon me that I had been using spotify for a year, and my student subscription had ran out. I have reapplied for the student one now, but it asks me to enter my bank details again. To avoid paying £4.99 and £9.99, I didnt enter my details. Is there a way around not re-entering my bank details to ensure that next time I pay the student fee? Basically, how can I keep student subsription?


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Hey @evielx!

Thanks for posting! I understand that you don't want to be charged the £9.99 again! You will need to input your Card Details to restart your Student Subscription as it's treated as signing up again. It highly unlikely that you'll be charged £9.99 again the standard £4.99 should be taken. There isn't away around without re-entering your bank details. 


It's highly unlikely the system will take the £9.99. If you reinput your card details when renewing and then head to and it should say the price you'll pay 🙂 If its showing more than £4.99 after this you can then cancel it.


Hope this helps you out!

Any Questions? - Let me know 🙂

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