unable to use spotify.com or spotify app


unable to use spotify.com or spotify app


I have several issues continuing with Spotify. 


Background : I was previously on my dad's Premium Family plan while I was living with them before moving to Stockholm last year. After moving of course I was no longer able to use that account, stating that I had been abroad for more than 14 days. Understandable but here's where things get annoying.. 


1. SPOTIFY.COM : Since moving over a year ago, I've not been able to access Spotify.com from my Macbook. In the beginning it only loaded to an Error page, but now it directs me to a DSN or VPN link. This is the only website that I have this issue with. Given that Spotify is a Stockholm based company, it seems even more unsettling. 


2. SPOTIFY APP : A few days ago I purchased the Spotify Premium and Headspace bundle. I had to do so using my partner's computer. Initially I was rejected but I found that I needed to change the Country in my profile, from USA to Sweden - fortunately I was able to login using my previous login and password. From there I was able to complete the transaction. The email confirmation was immediately sent with the links for downloading both apps. To begin my Headspace account, I was able to link directly with my new Spotify account - even using the login/password in my iPhone's history. Headspace is already up, running and in use! Spotify is still rejecting me though in the app - on my Mac and iPhone - and online. (I'm using my work computer now). It's still saying that I've been abroad for more than 14 days!!!

3. I left a message on the community board the day I purchased the bundle, and received a very generic answer. They definitely did not look at my specific profile, nor did they attempt to resolve my issues from their end. I responded to their very general response within an hour and have been waiting since. Hence the new post.


4. I have no way to update the information or contact Spotify representatives for quick support and resolutions. It has been 3 days. 3 days of paying for something I cannot use. 3 days of a wonderful discount - 99SEK for the first 3 months. Doesn't seem fair to be paying for a service that isn't providing, especially when it's time-limiting. 


Please Spotify reach out to resolve this for me as I am very eager to utilize what you offer 🙂 I would also appreciate you to adjust my end date for this package deal, to reflect the number of days which I've been unable to access my app and website. 

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Re: unable to use spotify.com or spotify app

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Hey there @maison_macie13,

thanks for posting in the community !


First i have to clear something out regarding the community.

This space is dedicated for passionate Spotify users to share their knowledge trying to help each other with basic and sometimes even more complicated issues.


The fact you feel you had recieved generic answers i cannot argue.

However i can explain them as users are reffering each other to relevant official help pages provided for us all online which users sometimes overlook.


Regarding the issue you having, from the look of things you may have created multiple accounts and had some blocked due to reaching the free account 14 days limit.


I saw you mentioned not being able to contact support but i want us to try again.

Please contact support through this contact page and have them take a closer look and take the steps needed to solve this issue and make you a happy Spotify user again.

Note: it might take them up to 24 hours to reply and if you get an automated mail please DO repsond to it.


I've been a Spotify user a long time and have come to an understanding they do care about users and will do their best to help.


I will be around waiting for your reply in case you have any other questions 😃

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