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wrong name on invite

wrong name on invite


Family Premium




iPhone 7

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iOS 10


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Ive just set up a new premium family account, but when i sent out a new invite it has the name of my ex partner on them???? she doesnt even have the new premium details how is this possible??? especially when the invite is to my new Girlfriend.


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Hey @scottywba,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community. 


Keep in mind that the Premium for Family invite email includes the name provided when the plan was initially set up. This should only be visible in the invites sent and it shouldn't affect how the plan works 🙂


Hope that answers your question! Let us know if you need anything else.


Have a nice day.

Although the persons name in the invite has nothing to do with the new account I have set up, maybe I’ll just cancel account & try again joke tho caused me so much **bleep** with new partner

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