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wrongly charged still!

wrongly charged still!


After I made the below post I have checked my bank frequently, and after over 48 hours the payment is still pending and my money has not been refunded.

So, I believe I have been wrongly charged for Spotify premium.
I went onto the student Spotify premium offer simply to see if I was eligible for a student discount, but soon realised that I was not as am still in high school. I was forced to give my bank details but also assured that I would not be charged without my consent in which I did not give.
I then promptly closed the page without giving any consent to getting Spotify premium.
But then, later on I checked my bank account and $7.49 had been taken from my account from Spotify wrongly, and I checked on my account on the Spotify app and it said my subscription was Free and that I do not have Spotify premium.
I am looking to get Spotify premium, but I have been wrongly charged, I would like my money refunded please. You can see that I do not have Spotify premium on my Spotify account riamk25.

1 Reply

Hey @riamk25.


Thanks for getting back to us.


It varies per bank how long a transaction stays pending, but usually it's a few days. Your bank can tell you how long, but if you give it a few days you'll see your money back on your account soon 🙂


Let us know if you have further questions. Have a nice day.

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